Welcome LKN Shuttle to Car-olina Car Service

We have re-launched "LKNshuttle.com" as our "Van Group" of vehicles.


This new Division of Car-olina Car Service is part of our company expansion to better serve the Lake Norman community.

Van Service

Chrysler Town & Country Touring Ed.

Chrysler T&C Van - Car-olina Car Service

For Groups of 4 or More, or those who have tons of luggage, 

consider hiring our SIX passenger van.

Contact Kim for very competitive rates and availability.


Seating for SIX Passengers & Luggage

Chrysler T&C Van Int. - Car-olina Car Service

As clean and fresh as shown in the picture, there's plenty of leather seating for you and your friends to travel to the Belk Theater, 

PNC concerts, or sporting events Uptown Charlotte.

Round Trip?  No Problem!

LKN Shuttle adds a NEW Van

2018 Sedona SXLux


Effective August 1, 2018, LKN Shuttle purchased this top-of-the-line black Sedona Van to answer your increasing requests for affordable group/family transportation.

Luxury Napa Leather Interior


Escalades and Yukons wish they had interiors as comfortable and stylish as this!

Six or Seven Passenger Seating


Plenty of room for 3 couples heading out for a night at the Blumenthal, or concert at PNC.  There's also room for your 4th child, when flying from CLT!

Heated and Air Conditioned


Heated or Cooled second row seating for Mom and Dad...

Wireless Entertainment


...and a full Blue Tooth Entertainment System for the kids.  Whether it's Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse or Dora, they're always along for the ride!

For Any Trip or Occassion


A family trip to CLT, a night Uptown, or a long distance trip to college or work, you'll arrive in style and comfort, at surprisingly affordable rates.